Month: September 2014

Introducing Author Katie O’Boyle

Today, I’m chatting with Soul Mate sibling, Katie O’Boyle. Katie just released COMING HOME TO LOVE, book two in her Lakeside Porches series.   Justin Cushman’s billions can’t seem to cure what ails him: chronic pain and a dying spirit.

Children of Poseidon: Lycos

An Interview with Lila Redcar, Witch Lila Redcar is a witch, but she doesn’t fly around on a broom, she doesn’t wear a pointy hat, and she certainly isn’t a warty old hag. She’s the responsible sort who has put

Allison King of Branded

Today, we’re visiting with Allison King, a character created by fellow Soul Mate Publishing author, Katie Hamstead. Allison narrowly survived a terrorist attack–at her brother’s wedding, of all places. Allison, I can’t imagine the shock of going from such a

Ivy Morris, Trouble Magnet

Today I’m interviewing Ivy Morris, a character created by Misty Simon, fellow Central PA Romance Writer. Welcome, Ivy. Tell us a bit about yourself. RESPONSE: Hello! I’m Ivy, new to the Martha’s Pointers and new to this whole living on my own