Month: October 2015

When Your Book Falls in Rank – Seasoned Authors Series

My debut novel shot out of the gates. I remember checking my rank on the hour, squealing with delight when the book moved up into the top 100 in several Amazon lists. That heady feeling became rather addictive, and it

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Blog Tours – Are They Worth It? Seasoned Author Series

There’s nothing better than firing up your laptop and seeing your book baby in lights. To keep novels in the limelight, many authors use Virtual Book Tours, or simply, Blog Tours. What is a blog tour? Quite simply, it’s a

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Book Reviews – Seasoned Authors Series

“LAAAAME.” That’s the word that sent me back to therapy, nearly ended my marriage, and stripped me of all confidence. It happened on a blog tour, something I’d shelled out hard-earned money for, and it was a real kick in

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How Long Does It Take To Write a Novel? – Seasoned Authors Series

Today, we begin the Sunday Seasoned Author Series. Over the coming weeks, we’ll tackle the questions that haunt every new author, like¬†How Do I Market My Book Baby? Is My Rank Okay? Should I Hire An Author Assistant? Oh-My-Sweet-Good-Golly, a

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Anne B. Cole is BACK, Baby!

I’m thrilled to welcome Anne B. Cole back to my blog. Anne’s here with her latest release, Souls Estranged, Book Two of her Souls Trilogy. Welcome, Anne. RELEASE DATE: September 30, 2015 Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing Co. Genre: Supernatural Suspense,

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