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Canning Season is Upon Us

In my little corner of Pennsylvania, it’s not unusual to find home-canned goods lining the shelves of pantries. If you tally up the cost of processing, I’m not sure canning food is a cost-effective endeavor. Still, it’s nice to know

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Making Soap – Hands On Research

I love making soap. Sure, it’s cheap to buy, but have you ever read the list of ingredients in store-bought soap? I know what’s in mine: lye, oils, essential oils. Period. Oh, lye, you think. That stuff is really harsh.

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18th Century Fail

I’m not sure why I get excited about power outages. Actually, wait. Yes, I do. In 1972, Hurricane Agnes stalled over Pennsylvania and turned our normally verdant commonwealth into a bowl of squash soup. I was five years old at

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Making a Cornhusk Doll

If you don’t know that my upcoming release, SCATTERED SEEDS, is set in 18th century Pennsylvania, you’ve been hiding under a rock. For about the past two years, I’ve driven friends and family crazy with my hands-on research. My tomahawk

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Could You Live In The Past?

My father was especially fond of painting scenes from the past. The unveiling of a new painting in our home was always magical, but it was the naming of the piece that I enjoyed most. We gathered for the task

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The “Other” July 4th

We’re about to celebrate Independence Day in the USA. July 4th. A day of picnics, patriotic music, and fireworks. But over twenty years before we declared our independence, some other really important thing happened on July 4th. It even involved

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Making a Quill Pen

As a writer of historical fiction, I find that walking in my characters’ shoes enriches the authenticity of my work in ways research cannot. Take, for example, the stunning letters of the past. I could write a scene that includes

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