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Free Coloring Page

Wolfhound and Castle

I don’t feel like writing, so I spent some time putting together a free coloring page. You can download it by clicking the image above. Why did I do this? Well, Irish Wolfhounds play a role in my novel, SCENT

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The final SCENT OF THE SOUL book tour begins April 13th and runs through May 11th. I am pleased to work with Bewitching Book Tours, a company that specializes in featuring paranormal romance, urban fantasy and paranormal erotica titles. This

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A blog tour is a virtual book tour. Instead of appearing at book stores and boutiques, authors make “stops” on blogs. Some of the stops include interviews, others feature reviews and giveaways. I am grateful to Amy Bruno and Historical

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I’m Proof That Dreams Come True

I remember it so clearly. I’d just crawled out of my claw foot bathtub—the one luxurious thing in the drafty old house I couldn’t afford to heat. My body steamed in the frigid bathroom. It was COLD, baby. Forty-eight degrees,

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My Long Journey to Publication

This will be a long post, because let’s face it, the path to publication ain’t short. It’s long and twisty, and it enters the Forest of Dread, where demons take bites out of your backside and treetop gremlins poop acid

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850 Years Since Somerled Died

On October 20, 1164, a motley force of Gaelic and Norse warriors sailed up the River Clyde and engaged the royal army in what became known as the Battle of Renfrew. Jules, you ask, why should I care about a

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