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April Fools’ Day

In my childhood home, there were four holidays worth celebrating: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and April Fools’ Day. We looked forward to Christmas, Easter, and Halloween for obvious reasons. Presents and candy. Yippee! But, oh, April Fools’ Day. That was the

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When the Writing Mojo is a No Show

I photographed my flower bed today. That’s a pumpkin. From Halloween. Did I mention today is January 14th? It may interest you to know that the Christmas wreaths are still on the upstairs windows, too. What can I say? It’s

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What Should Writers Do Before Publication? Seasoned Authors Series

Today’s Seasoned Authors blog is geared toward those of you still aiming for your first contract. I’ll bet you think all you have to do is write a good book, right? How do I know that? Because it’s what I

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When Your Book Falls in Rank – Seasoned Authors Series

My debut novel shot out of the gates. I remember checking my rank on the hour, squealing with delight when the book moved up into the top 100 in several Amazon lists. That heady feeling became rather addictive, and it

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Could You Live In The Past?

My father was especially fond of painting scenes from the past. The unveiling of a new painting in our home was always magical, but it was the naming of the piece that I enjoyed most. We gathered for the task

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A Sneaky Peek

I’m happy to participate in another Sneak Peek Sunday, where writers share six paragraphs of their work. My snippet is from SCATTERED SEEDS, an as-yet-unsubmitted novel set in Colonial Pennsylvania at the outset of the French and Indian War. In

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The No-Stress Way To Create Your Story’s Logline

Do your eyes glaze over when someone asks what your book is about? This will help! Laura Drake is an expert at creating tag and log lines.

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Saying Goodbye

I have always had a hard time ending relationships, even destructive ones. If I met you in kindergarten, chances are you are still my friend. I’ve returned to the same job—and the same boss—four times. Heck, I even have lunch

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The End Times are Near–Take a Histfic Writer to Dinner!

I’m running into more and more individuals taking steps to prepare for a catastrophic disaster or emergency. They’re reading up on survival techniques, primitive medicine, and basic weaponry. Heck, historical fiction writers have been doing that for generations. We’ve become

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A Writer’s Affair

I think I might be cheating on my husband. With dead people. We’ve been in something of a rough patch lately, not because we lack affection for each other, but because one of us—whom I shall call ME—has been grumpy.

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