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When the Writing Mojo is a No Show


I photographed my flower bed today. That’s a pumpkin. From Halloween. Did I mention today is January 14th? It may interest you to know that the Christmas wreaths are still on the upstairs windows, too. What can I say? It’s

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Writing Through Stress

You may have noticed a lull in my blogging. Or, not. In April, two important things happened. First, Soul Mate Publishing released my second novel, SCATTERED SEEDS. Second, I moved with the clan chief to a grand, old house. Things

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Balancing Our Worlds – Seasoned Authors Series

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Because I write historical fiction, my vacations usually center around research. Take the “vacation” to Erie, PA this summer, when I lured my husband out of the house for a sail on an 18th century brig. Last year, we went

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The Changing Publishing Industry – Seasoned Authors Series

stuart miles

It seems like every time I blink, the publishing industry changes. Just recently, Amazon began stripping authors of reviews left by acquaintances or writers with the same publishing house. I’m not sure how to feel about this. While I appreciate

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Time Management: Writing vs. Marketing – Seasoned Authors Series

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Nearly every publisher expects an author to do some of her own marketing. I’ve tried everything from blog tours and online ads to Google Adwords campaigns and printed flyers. I have lost time and money with my advertising experiments. How is

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Protecting Your Writing Time and Space – Seasoned Authors Series

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As a full-time author with a day job, a 35-mile commute, and family commitments, I have to fight for every scrap of my writing time. This often means writing in my car during my lunch hour, and even that gets

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Ego: How important is it? Seasoned Authors Series

ego bplanet

As a person with low self esteem, I probably shouldn’t write books. Walter Wellesley “Red” Smith described writing this way: “You simply sit down at the typewriter, open your veins, and bleed.” Writing is a lot like that for me.

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Facebook – Friend or Foe? Seasoned Authors Series


If you’re on my Facebook friends list—Shameless plug, you can find my author page HERE-–then you know I’m an Oversharer. I just can’t seem to resist the seductive lure of Social Media, and in truth, I’ve sold many books because

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Throwing a Facebook Launch Party – Seasoned Authors Series

launch party

Since I’m awaiting final edits for SCATTERED SEEDS, it’s time to start thinking about throwing a Facebook launch party. As you can see in the photograph, my giveaways are starting to pile up. I’m going with 18th century and Irish

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Keeping It All Organized – Seasoned Authors Series


If you saw my writing space, you would weep for me. It’s crammed into a corner where the kitchen counter meets the dining room archway. I can almost touch the electric kettle, where my husband goes for tea at least

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