Month: April 2014

Writing Prompts–on EBay?

You can buy just about anything on eBay, from spuds resembling Richard Nixon to that one cup missing from your granny’s tea set. Know what else is available on eBay? Writing prompts. Yes, writing prompts, and they won’t cost you

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Yet Another Sneak Peek Sunday

That’s right, it’s Sneak Peek Sunday again, time to present six paragraphs of my work. I’m posting again from my work-in-progress, SCATTERED SEEDS, set in 18th century Pennsylvania. In this scene, Henry and his father are sneaking through the woods

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Another Sneak Peek Sunday

It’s Sneak Peek Sunday again. Today, I am posting from SCATTERED SEEDS, my work-in-progress. As always, a bit of backstory is needed. It’s 1755, and Edward McConnell and his son, Henry, have suffered a disastrous crop failure in County Donegal,

Sneak Peek Sunday

Welcome to “Sneak Peek Sunday,” when writers share six paragraphs of their work. Today’s snippet is taken from my work-in-progress, tentatively entitled SCATTERED SEEDS. But first, a bit of backstory: It’s 1755 and Edward McConnell is facing poverty. Leaving his