Month: August 2014

Ben Jones, Ex-Demon Hunter

Welcome, Ben Jones! I’m just gonna say it. It must take of steel to hunt demons. Did you choose this profession, or did it choose you? BEN: It chose me. No one should have to suffer. Why did you retire?

A New Cast of Characters

As a child, I carried a little card in my purse that said, “Strangers are friends we haven’t met.” I have no idea where I got it, and I didn’t know until today it was a Will Rogers quote. It

Interview with Curtis Reed, Immortal

Today, I’m interviewing Curtis Reed, an immortal created by Anson Barber, fellow Central PA Romance Writer. Welcome to my blog. I understand you’ve been among mortals since the beginning and that it’s your job to fulfill the contracts to expedite


I’m a big believer in signs. Not those kinds of signs, although the one in the lower right corner is cool. No, I’m talking about messages we receive when we need them most. Take today, for example. I’ve been struggling