There I was, 53,000 words in on a story about a Wounded Warrior bumbling his way toward an old high school sweetheart when–BAM!–Daisy Meadows shows up. And now, I find myself plotting a thriller. Yes, you read that right. A thriller. Plaid to the Bone is going Mad to the Bone.

Daisy Meadows, cruelly named by her New Agey parents, attends ritzy Sinclair Academy on a Family Empowerment Act scholarship, which makes her an instant target. She can stand the bullying, but when Josh Underwood shows interest in MacKenzie LeBlanc, the plus-size senator’s daughter from Louisiana, Daisy tosses her anti-violent ways aside. Getting even with MacKenzie becomes her number one priority . . . until both of them are scooped up by a human trafficker.

Buckle up. I’ll see you in about 100,000 words!

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