About Julie Doherty

Julie Doherty has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. In 1999, she completed her first full-length novel, certain it was destined to be the next bestseller. Before the toner dried on the pages, she queried nearly every literary agent drawing breath, only to be disappointed by rubber-stamped rejections on half-sheets of paper. Undaunted, she began anew, taking online writing courses and studying books about the craft.

She completed her second novel, SCENT OF THE SOUL, in late 2012. This time, limited queries generated a 20% request rate, and in 2013, Francine Edelman of Schiavone Literary Agency offered representation. In 2014, Ms. Edelman sold SCENT to Soul Mate Publishing.

It took Julie another year and a half to complete SCATTERED SEEDS, her third novel, also published by Soul Mate Publishing.

Not one to let the dust settle on her keyboard, she is working on her fourth and fifth novels, the first a contemporary romance and the second historical women’s fiction.

Julie is a member of Romance Writers of America, Central Pennsylvania Romance Writers, and Clan Donald USA. She lives with her Irish husband in South Central Pennsylvania.