Release Date: Coming Soon!

Author: Amy Deason

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Seth Reynolds’ day began like any other, filled with secrets, lies, and murder. But when a headstrong young woman stumbles into his path, life begins to get a hell of a lot more complicated.


What has been the biggest surprise in your journey to publication?

I am surprised about how many edits I had to do. Not saying that I thought my book was perfect but WOW. However, I am very grateful to my editors for helping me to make my book that much better.

Oh, man, if the reading public only knew… I completely understand. Getting edits back always leaves me a little stunned. They are a necessary evil, though, just like marketing. Speaking of marketing, how do you avoid becoming overburdened by marketing tasks?

I take it all with a grain of salt. My writing is important of course but my family helps to keep me grounded.

It would be difficult to do this without the support of loved ones, wouldn’t it? We ask a lot of them sometimes. In my case, that means a quiet house. Do you require complete silence for writing, or do you like white noise?

It depends on how deep into the scenes I am. Sometimes nothing can distract me and sometimes every little noise has me begging for silence.

How do you feel after a long stretch of writing?

If it goes well, I feel like I am the most triumphant person in the world. But it if goes badly, then I just want to throw my hands up and cry.

Yeah, that’s frustrating, isn’t it? For me, it feels like I just wasted time, and time is precious to all writers, especially those with day jobs. Do you write full-time?

I wish that I could say yes but with a full time job and a family (3 kids, 1 husband), I don’t have nearly as much time as I would like. Maybe one of these days….. *sighs hopefully*

I hope so, too. Here’s hoping ANGEL IN THE SHADOWS is the breakout novel that gets you there. Since you have a day job and a family, how on earth do you fit writing into your day?

Any time that I have a quiet moment, I am writing. It may not be anything specific like the next scene in my book but it is relevant to at least one of my books that are in the works.

We steal time when we can, don’t we?

Who is your favorite character in ANGEL IN THE SHADOWS?

This may sound strange but I like Seth the best. He has had a hard life and has completely given up on anything resembling a normal life. But when he least expects it, love comes and tackles him.

Oh, that sneaky love, finding us when we are least prepared for it. Seth sounds like the kind of guy we like to cheer for.

When a reader reaches THE END in ANGEL IN THE SHADOWS, what do you hope sticks with them in the days or months that follow?

I hope they feel a real connection to my characters. I hope they want to read more about this top secret organization filled with people that save the world while in a sense, get saved themselves.

Thank you for being here today. I wish you the best of luck with your release. Readers, Amy will be announcing her release date shortly. To get the latest news, please visit her at any of the following sites:


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