Welcome, Ben Jones!

I’m just gonna say it. It must take ballsof steel to hunt demons.

Did you choose this profession, or did it choose you?

BEN: It chose me. No one should have to suffer.

Why did you retire?

BEN: I lost my edge.

Losing your edge hunting demons doesn’t sound good at all. I’ll bet you thought retirement would be boring. How did you end up helping a witch thwart a centuries-old curse?

BEN: Retirement has been far from boring. I opened my restaurant The Nasty Crab and have had my hands full with that. But, then the visions that helped me fight evil returned and I saw Taylor’s ex being murdered. I didn’t want to believe my visions had returned, so I ignored it for too long. 

So what’s involved in ridding Taylor of this curse?

BEN: Well, me, for one… We found out our parents had bound us before birth to deal with this curse. I’m her protector and can’t leave her side until the curse is broken.

Working so closely with someone often leads to . . . well, you know. Any hint of a budding romance?

When we were bound, our parents hoped it would be a love match. I have a strong…feeling for Taylor, but she can’t believe anything is real while we deal with this curse. There are “stipulations” regarding the curse, so I have to keep my hands to myself, and it’s increasingly difficult.

What do you think? Did Ben and Taylor’s parents choose wisely? Will Ben and Taylor beat the curse? Find out by clicking the link below:




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