FLAD: The Not-So-New Disorder Afflicting Writers

Well, I have it. Finish Line Adjustment Disorder, or FLAD, if you will. With four novels under my belt, I now recognize the early stages of the disorder. It starts the moment I see THE END looming and leads to a general inability to focus on anything having to do with...

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Into The Fire by Victoria Smith

I’m so pleased to interview Victoria Smith today, not only because she's a great author, but also because she's a fellow member of Central PA Romance Writers and a fellow Soul Mate Publishing author. Victoria recently released her new novel, INTO THE FIRE, a dystopian...

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Canning Season is Upon Us

In my little corner of Pennsylvania, it's not unusual to find home-canned goods lining the shelves of pantries. If you tally up the cost of processing, I'm not sure canning food is a cost-effective endeavor. Still, it's nice to know what's in those jars (and what...

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A New Chapter (Not the Book Kind)

This is the state of my office. If you're one of the sorry SOBs following me on Facebook, you know by my overshares that I've been going through some stuff. You also know I haven't written much in the past year. I lost all heart and momentum, thanks to several big,...

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