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Throwing a Facebook Launch Party – Seasoned Authors Series

Since I’m awaiting final edits for SCATTERED SEEDS, it’s time to start thinking about throwing a Facebook launch party. As you can see in the photograph, my giveaways are starting to pile up. I’m going with 18th century and Irish

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Keeping It All Organized – Seasoned Authors Series

If you saw my writing space, you would weep for me. It’s crammed into a corner where the kitchen counter meets the dining room archway. I can almost touch the electric kettle, where my husband goes for tea at least

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Blog Tours – Are They Worth It? Seasoned Author Series

There’s nothing better than firing up your laptop and seeing your book baby in lights. To keep novels in the limelight, many authors use Virtual Book Tours, or simply, Blog Tours. What is a blog tour? Quite simply, it’s a

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Book Reviews – Seasoned Authors Series

“LAAAAME.” That’s the word that sent me back to therapy, nearly ended my marriage, and stripped me of all confidence. It happened on a blog tour, something I’d shelled out hard-earned money for, and it was a real kick in

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How Long Does It Take To Write a Novel? – Seasoned Authors Series

Today, we begin the Sunday Seasoned Author Series. Over the coming weeks, we’ll tackle the questions that haunt every new author, like How Do I Market My Book Baby? Is My Rank Okay? Should I Hire An Author Assistant? Oh-My-Sweet-Good-Golly, a

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting – Advice for New Authors

If you snoop through my medical chart (and you are skilled at reading a doctor’s handwriting) you’ll see the words “unexplained infertility.” It’s basically a bullshit term that means “Um, I dunno.” So I never got to read this book:

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Christmas at Easter

When you’re a writer with a full-time job at the far end of a 35-mile commute, you quickly learn that there’s no such thing as “spare” time. In order to add to my word count, I often wake two hours

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When 400 Words Are More Than Enough

Confession: I haven’t written anything substantial since early December. What happened? My first book released. Jules, you ask, why is this a problem? Here’s why: nothing eats time like a pending book release, especially when that book is your debut

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I’m Proof That Dreams Come True

I remember it so clearly. I’d just crawled out of my claw foot bathtub—the one luxurious thing in the drafty old house I couldn’t afford to heat. My body steamed in the frigid bathroom. It was COLD, baby. Forty-eight degrees,

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My Long Journey to Publication

This will be a long post, because let’s face it, the path to publication ain’t short. It’s long and twisty, and it enters the Forest of Dread, where demons take bites out of your backside and treetop gremlins poop acid

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