An Interview with Lila Redcar, Witch

Lila Redcar is a witch, but she doesn’t fly around on a broom, she doesn’t wear a pointy hat, and she certainly isn’t a warty old hag. She’s the responsible sort who has put aside her own needs to raise her rebellious sister.

Lila, thank you for being here today. I’m a little nervous about interviewing a powerful witch, especially one who knows Poseidon’s son. I mean, hello, my characters are sea-faring people!

While I take a few calming breaths, smudge the house, and pour myself a Scotch to calm my nerves, how ‘bout you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi Julie. I’m a witch. Not a very good one, and my powers are all about empathy, so I rank low in the coven hierarchy. My mother died when I was seventeen, leaving me to care for Maya, my sister. She was only six, but already showing signs of  power. I love her, she’s my only remaining family, but it’s been hard. She’s seventeen now, and getting more difficult by the day. She doesn’t mean to be, but most witches have pretty stormy adolescence, and powerful ones like Maya are all hormones and magical explosions.

Oh hey, a regular teenage girl is a handful. I can’t even imagine raising a witch to adulthood.

Is that you on the cover?

That’s me on the cover, although it’s a deceptively flattering picture. My hair is a bit redder than that, and I rarely look that calm.

Life keeps you hopping, huh? What was it like meeting the son of Poseidon for the first time?

Lykos was an absolute tyrant when I first met him. Seemed to think that he could tell me what to do. I needed his help or I’d have given him a piece of my mind. He’s a bit better now that I’ve been with him for a few years, but under stress he reverts to type. I don’t know what his people were thinking. They allowed him to turn into a dictator. Of course he always meant well, but even so….

Sounds like a stormy meeting. Word on the street is that Lykos’ half-brother is holding your sister captive. That must be terribly worrying. Any chance Lykos can help?

I knew as soon as I saw Lykos (well as soon as I’d recovered from almost drowning) that he would be a great help in saving Maya. The problem was his suspicious nature. It took a while (a few minutes) to convince him he wanted to help.

You almost drowned? Good grief, woman, your life certainly isn’t boring. Thank you for joining me today. I can’t wait to read more about you (and gain juicy insider deets about Lykos, son of Poseidon). If you’d like to join me, readers, click the image below.

cover4Here’s the back cover blurb: 

The Children of Poseidon may rule the seas, but someone forgot to tell this to the women they try to conquer.

Stormy seas, sexy sea gods, and temperamental witches? Who said being immortal wasn’t complicated?

Lila thinks she has life figured out—Raise her orphaned, powerful, teen-witch of a sister, then settle into a drama-and-teen-free existence.

Lykos knows he has life figured out. Protect his citizens and control his lovers. And stay away from witches. Except … what’s the son of Poseidon to do when an auburn-haired beauty enlists his help to save her baby sister from his power-hungry half-brother?

Monsoons have nothing on the turbulent passions between a sea-god and the woman he claims.

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