Release Date: September 30 (on pre-order now)

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Level:  R for implied and non-explicit sex

If women were as easily managed as the affairs of state—or the recalcitrant Ottoman Empire—Richard Hayden, Marquess of Glenaire, would be a happier man. As it was, the creatures—one woman in particular—made hash of his well-laid plans and bedeviled him on all sides.

Lily Thornton came home from Saint Petersburg in pursuit of marriage. She wants a husband and a partner, not an overbearing, managing man. She may be “the least likely candidate to be Marchioness of Glenaire,” but her problems are her own to fix, even if those problems include both a Russian villain and an interfering Ottoman official.

Given enough facts, Richard can fix anything. But protecting that impossible woman is proving almost as hard as protecting his heart, especially when Lily’s problems bring her dangerously close to an Ottoman revolution. As Lily’s personal problems entangle with Richard’s professional ones, and she pits her will against his, he chases her across the pirate-infested Mediterranean. Will she discover surrender isn’t defeat? That it might even have its own sweet reward.

What an amazing hook. And that cover! *drool* Welcome–WELCOME!–Caroline Warfield.

Thank you so much for having me Julie. Let me see how I can answer some of your questions. To thank people for joining us, I’ll give a Kindle copy of DANGEROUS WORKS to one lucky person who comments below, and one Kindle copy of DANGEROUS SECRETS to another.

WHAT? TWO giveaways? That’s so generous. Thank you! Let’s get started with THE INTERVIEW.

If this is not your first novel, what keeps you motivated?

I can mine days of energy from one kind word. Positive feedback from readers keeps me going enthusiastically. A good review drives me to write another book. I’m shameless that way.

Nothing shameless about that. I think we all know exactly what you’re talking about.

How do you avoid becoming overburdened by marketing tasks?

This is a good month to ask me that question. I’m not sure I manage it well. In the lead up to a release there aren’t enough hours in the day. Normally I set a goal of 1000-1500 words a day. When the writing is done I can look at marketing tasks and social networking.

Do you require complete silence for writing, or do you like white noise?

I like background music and I turn on a streaming radio site. For Dangerous Weakness I used movie scores. For Dangerous Secrets I used Traditional Italian music. For another I used bluegrass. When I edit I need something upbeat, like Jersey Boys.

Would you be willing to share a photo of your favorite writing spot?

Oh, my word. So jealous here.

Do you write full-time?

I’m not sure I know what full time looks like. Though I no longer have a day job, I can’t sit in the chair pounding out words for eight hours. Generally what works is write in the morning (1500 or so words) and do other things in the afternoon. I write for three blogs regularly. They are:

  • History Imagined – a blog about the intersection of history and fiction. I have a piece I particularly like on the Ottoman Seraglio that grew out of Dangerous Weakness.
  • The Teatime Tattler – a (fictional) Regency scandal sheet. Characters from all my books make appearances there.
  • And of course My own!

In addition there are over a dozen on my Dangerous Weakness Blog Tour. That is all afternoon work.

You are a busy lady.

Who is your favorite character in the book you are showing us today, and why?

The hero, Richard, Marquess of Glenaire, appeared in my first two books and I love him. However, the poor boy has been just too stiff with an elevated sense of responsibility and a need to take care of people. I needed to loosen him up a bit. If ever a man needed his hair mussed, it was Richard. While I was at it I decided to shred his suit, get him kidnapped and have him barefoot in rags begging friends for help. Yep. That’s better.

Brought him down a peg, did you? I can’t wait to learn how he gets himself out of that mess. Your books are wildly popular, and I’m sure this one will be no different. Best wishes for a successful launch.

And now, dear readers, if you’d like to find out more about Caroline, visit her at the links at the bottom of this post. And don’t forget to post a comment, since she’s giving away a Kindle copy of one of her eBooks to one lucky person who comments below (chosen randomly). We’ll let the contest open until September 16th. Good luck!

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