Today, I’m interviewing Curtis Reed, an immortal created by Anson Barber, fellow Central PA Romance Writer.

Welcome to my blog. I understand you’ve been among mortals since the beginning and that it’s your job to fulfill the contracts to expedite deaths. Who orders those deaths?

CURTIS: I receive the contracts from my celestial assistant, Evelyn. I’ve never seen her. She simply snaps into my mind whenever I summon her. As far as who she reports to, I don’t know. Maybe I did once and I’ve forgotten. I’ve been around a very long time. As long as humans have existed.

I could use a celestial assistant! I would think that a job like yours requires a low profile. What led you to reinvent yourself in your current life as a movie star? Was it the Oscar parties? It was the Oscar parties, wasn’t it?

CURTIS: The Oscar parties are certainly a nice perk, but mainly it was because I was…well…bored. I thought it would be fun. I obviously hadn’t thought it through very well. Attempting to have a forbidden relationship with a mortal, while working out the completion of my contracts is tough enough without having to stop for an autograph and a selfie with a fan. 

Ooo, you fell for a mortal? I fell for an Irishman. Trust me, it’s similar. How did you meet?

CURTIS: I took my agent’s motorcycle to get away. I couldn’t handle another meeting with complaining mortals. When I stopped for gas, she was at the gas station. She saved me from having to deal with a bunch of fans, by offering her truck so I could escape. She stayed behind to finish fueling the motorcycle and then rode it to our meeting spot. She sure looked good on that bike.

What will happen if your relationship with a mortal is revealed?

CURTIS: I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be good. There aren’t many rules for my profession, but falling in love with a mortal is on the list. I’ve never needed to worry about the punishment before. Not until I met Dani.

What is it about this mortal that sets her apart, that makes her worth the risk?

CURTIS: She is a rare mortal, in that she knows how short her life is. She doesn’t waste a bunch of time on tedious, meaningless things. She focuses on the big picture, and living her life to its fullest. Not to mention how hot she looks in those pajama bottoms with the frogs all over them.

Well if she can make those look good, she must be smokin’ hot indeed! 

You have a decision to make. What’s it going to be?

CURTIS: You can find out by clicking the image below:

 Contract Cover

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