That’s right, it’s Sneak Peek Sunday again, time to present six paragraphs of my work. I’m posting again from my work-in-progress, SCATTERED SEEDS, set in 18th century Pennsylvania. In this scene, Henry and his father are sneaking through the woods to rescue Mary. She has just dumped some apple peelings over a bank and into the forest where my characters are hiding. Henry, recognizing her, calls her name. Instead of rushing into his arms, she panics and tells him to go.

“Be quiet. Wait there for me.”

There was no easy way around the coppice of hawthorns, so he dove straight into it. Thorns ripped at his hair and cut his face and arms as he pushed through the undergrowth. He was still fighting his way through the prickly mess when Mary picked up her basket and turned to leave. He scrambled up the bank after her, clawing at the crumbly soil and impaling his palms and shins on fallen chestnut burrs.

“Mary,” he shouted at her back. His hair was in his eyes, blood seeping into his shirt and stockings.

She looked back once, terror skewing her features, and ran for the kitchen.

Henry parted the weeds and was about to dash after her when something hauled him backward and sent him sprawling to the forest floor. Beside him, on hands and knees, his father panted, his hair disheveled and his cheeks streaming blood.

“Use your noggin, son,” Edward said, his face backlit by the sky, “we canny go marching oot into the open like a Hessian regiment.” Sweat mixed with blood on his forehead. He looked as though he’d run a Shawnee gauntlet.

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