Author Ann McConnell doesn’t know she’s reincarnated—or that she carries angelic DNA. She only knows she’s alone and off the rails since Mike left her sitting in a fertility clinic. Now, her career is in a nosedive and Mike’s all over Facebook with his girlfriend and new baby.

Battling despair, Ann focuses on renovating her ancestors’ cabin. When she finds a gold torc hidden there, it amplifies her sense of smell and sends her into a tailspin. Curious about her ancestors and their powerful relic, she embarks on a journey to explore her heritage. Her quest steers her toward Somerled of Argyll, whose descendants she can now identify by scent. She travels to Scotland in search of his grave, unaware he’s her 12th century soul mate. He’s reborn, nearby, and trying to find her. So is her demonic stalker.

If Ann can’t escape the foul clutch of a madman, it will spell disaster for reuniting souls, and—unthinkably—for humanity itself.


In 18th century Ireland, drought forces Edward and Henry McConnell to assume false names and escape to the New World with the one valuable thing they still own–their ancestor’s gold torc.

Edward must leave love behind. Henry finds it in the foul belly of The Charming Hannah , only to lose it when an elusive trader purchases his sweetheart’s indenture.


In twelfth century Scotland, it took a half-Gael with a Viking name to restore the clans to their rightful lands. Once an exile, Somerled the Mighty now dominates the west. He’s making alliances, expanding his territory, and proposing marriage to the Manx princess.

It’s a bad time to fall for Breagha, a torc-wearing slave with a supernatural sense of smell.

If you like genre-bending books that take you on a journey, you’ve come to the right place. Although Julie Doherty wrote these books as a series, each story stands alone. The Torc Series spans nine centuries and two continents. The story begins in Norse-Gaelic Scotland and Ireland with SCENT OF THE SOUL, where torc-wearing Somerled and Breagha, star-crossed soul mates, fall prey to an evil enemy. In SCATTERED SEEDS, you’ll wring your hands as Somerled’s descendants flee Ireland for the New World in an all or nothing attempt to keep the family relic safe. By the time you reach THE SCENT OF FOREVER, it’s 2013. You’ll feel sorry for jilted divorcee Ann McConnell until she digs up a mysterious gold torc in the ruins of her ancestors’ cabin. Then you’ll know something she doesn’t–a reunion of souls is on the way, one 900 years in the making. You’ll cheer her on as she makes her way back to Scotland, where her reincarnated lover awaits her–along with an ancient enemy hellbent on using her to destroy humanity itself. This time . . . she’s prepared.

About Julie Doherty

Author of Fiction That’s Plaid to the Bone

Julie Doherty has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. In 1999, she completed her first full-length novel, certain it was destined to be the next bestseller. Before the toner dried on the pages, she queried nearly every literary agent drawing breath, only to be disappointed by rubber-stamped rejections on half-sheets of paper. Undaunted, she began anew, taking online writing courses and studying books about the craft.

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