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A reunion of souls . . . nine centuries in the making.

Scent of the Soul by Julie Doherty Scattered Seeds by Julie Doherty The Scent of Forever

If you like genre-bending books that take you on a journey, you’ve come to the right place. Although Julie Doherty wrote these books as a series, each story stands alone. The Torc Series spans nine centuries and two continents. The story begins in Norse-Gaelic Scotland and Ireland with SCENT OF THE SOUL, where torc-wearing Somerled and Breagha, star-crossed soul mates, fall prey to an evil enemy.  In SCATTERED SEEDS, you’ll wring your hands as Somerled’s descendants flee Ireland for the New World in an all or nothing attempt to keep the family relic safe. By the time you reach THE SCENT OF FOREVER, it’s 2013. You’ll feel sorry for jilted divorcee Ann McConnell until she digs up a mysterious gold torc in the ruins of her ancestors’ cabin. Then you’ll know something she doesn’t–a reunion of souls is on the way, one 900 years in the making. You’ll cheer her on as she makes her way back to Scotland, where her reincarnated lover awaits her–along with an ancient enemy hellbent on using her to destroy humanity itself. This time . . . she’s prepared.


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