A New Manuscript

I had every intention of finishing a manuscript I've been calling The Reaping of Songbird No. 2, but last week, while working my day job, a new plot rattled into my brain and took over. I was so excited about it that I scheduled off two whole days to draft an outline. It was the perfect time of the year for this, as you can see by the photo. OR SO I THOUGHT. I did not expect yesterday's heat wave. Wow.

Regardless, I have an outline and three chapters already. This will be a book for the Christian market, so it will be a clean read. That doesn't mean boring.

Picture this:

You're heading to a resort in the Poconos when your Porsche convertible dies, along with your phone, leaving you stranded. You figure you'll just wait it out. Someone will be along soon, right? When they aren't, you know you have to start walking. Thankfully, before the GPS died, it showed a town ahead.

The landscape you admired on your way into the mountains now seems eerie and dangerous. You're in a tank dress and strappy sandals, meant for showing off your sun bed tan, not for wading through poison ivy or sleeping on a forest floor. You have a stainless thermal cup and some pepper spray. Everything else is in the trunk, which does not open without power.

At the ridge summit, you are afforded a panoramic view of the valley below, where tractors sit idle in fields. Cars and big rigs are abandoned as if a child lined them up, then walked away. A train isn't moving. All of that could be coincidence, but there are plumes of smoke rising up in every direction on the horizon.

You know you have twenty-four hours to get in and out of that town. A store is open, running on generators, and taking cash only. It sells hardware and sporting goods, too. You have $124 in cash. What are you buying?